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September 11, 2007

Getting to know each other

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運動員 athlete · a person who is very good at sports or physical exercise, especially one who competes in organized events
四角內褲 boxers · loosely-fitting men’s underwear, similar to short trousers
三角內褲 briefs · a piece of underwear worn by men or women, covering the area between the waist and the tops of the legs
表達 express · to show a feeling, opinion or fact
到處走走 get around · to be able to go to different places without difficulty
嗜好 hobby · an activity which someone does for pleasure when they are not working
使感動 move · to cause someone to have strong feelings, such as sadness, sympathy, happiness or admiration
夜貓子 night owl · a person who prefers to be awake and active at night
攝影 photography · (the activity or job of taking) photographs or films
可靠的 reliable · Something or someone that is reliable can be trusted or believed because they work or behave well in the way you expect
職責 (job) responsibility · something that it is your job or duty to deal with
刮(鬍子等) shave · to remove hair from the body, especially a man’s face, by cutting it close to the skin with a razor, so that the skin feels smooth
羞怯的 shy · nervous and uncomfortable with other people
邋遢的人 slob · a lazy, untidy and often rude person
來源 source · the place something comes from or starts at, or the cause of something
多香料的 spicy · containing strong flavors from spice
學科 subject · an area of knowledge which is studied in school, college or university

01 Max is from America. [ ]

How about you? Where are you from? Did you grow up in the same place you were born?

02 Max studied science in university. [ ]

What about you? What did you study in the last school you graduated from? Why did you study this subject? How interested were you in this subject?

03 Max has been in Taiwan for more than three years. [ ]

Have you ever lived abroad? How long did you live there? What was your life like? In the future, what country would you most like to try living in?

04 Max works full-time as a teacher. [ ]

How about you? What is your job? What are some of your main responsibilities at work?

05 Max gets around on a motorcycle. [ ]

How do you usually get around? If you ride a motorcycle, what kind is it?

06 Max is a night owl. [ ]

Are you a night owl? Have you ever been one? When do you usually go to sleep and wake up? How often do you stay up all night?

07 Max’s preferred Taiwanese newspaper is the China Post. [ ]

Which newspaper do you most often read? Why? Which newspaper do you think is probably the most reliable source of news?

08 One of Max’s hobbies is photography. [ ]

Is photography one of your hobbies? What are your main hobbies?

09 Max is a good athlete. [ ]

How good an athlete are you? What sports are you best at? What sports do you enjoy watching?

10 Max can dance very well. [ ]

How often do you go dancing? How well can you dance?

11 One of Max’s interests is learning Taiwanese. [ ]

Are you learning English because you are interested in it, or because you think you should? What other subjects are you interested in learning?

12 Max likes dogs more than cats. [ ]

How about you? What is your favorite animal? What animal do you feel you are most similar to?

13 Max enjoys romantic movies. [ ]

What type of movie do you like best? What good movies have you seen recently?

14 Max’s favorite kind of music is jazz. [ ]

What do you think of jazz music? What is your favorite kind of music?

15 Max loves drinking beer. [ ]

How much do you enjoy drinking beer? What other alcoholic beverages do you like?

16 Max likes spicy food. [ ]

How about you? What is your favorite kind of food? What kinds of food do you dislike?

17 Max spends more money on clothes than on eating out. [ ]

Which do you spend more money on—clothes or eating out? Is there anything that you spend more on?

18 Max wears briefs rather than boxers. [ ]

Do you think men should wear boxers rather than briefs? What preferences do you have about the underwear you wear?

19 Max got a haircut within the last month. [ ]

What do you think of the teacher’s haircut? Where did you last get your hair styled? What do you think of your current hairstyle?

20 Max has hairy legs. [ ]

What about you? Do you think women should shave their legs?

21 Max is a slob in his private life. [ ]

How about you? How neat is your room at home right now? How sloppily do you dress on the weekends?

22 Max thinks he’s the most handsome guy in class today. [ ]

Who do you think is the most handsome guy? How about the most beautiful girl?

23 Max prefers women who are good-looking but not too smart. [ ]

What about you? What qualities are you attracted to in a member of the opposite sex?

24 Max is married. [ ]

How about you? If you’re married, how long have you been married? If you’re not, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

25 Max is shy (outside of class). [ ]

How shy are you? What are you like outside of class?

26 Max has a bad temper. [ ]

How about you? How do you generally express your anger? Have you gotten very angry about something recently?

27 Max is easily moved to tears. [ ]

How easily are you moved? Have you ever been moved to tears by a song, movie, or book?


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