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November 27, 2007

Travel style quiz

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How much travel do you do? Do you like to travel? What do you most value or enjoy about traveling? Where was the last place you traveled? Describe the experience. Where would you like to travel next? Why?

adventure · an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity such as a journey or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity  • appealing · attractive or interesting  • athlete · a person who is very good at sports or physical exercise, especially one who competes in organized events  • camp · to put up a tent and stay in it for a short while, for example while on holiday  • category · (in a system for dividing things according to appearance, quality, etc.) a type, or a group of things having some features that are the same  • check out · to go to a place in order to see what it is like  • chef · a skilled and trained cook who works in a hotel or restaurant, especially the most important cook  • communicate · to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body or using other signals  • concert · a performance of music by one or more musicians or singers  • cruise · a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several places  • exotic · unusual and often exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from a distant, especially tropical country  • expert · a person with a high level of knowledge or skill; a specialist  • explorer · someone who travels to places where no one has ever been in order to find out what is there  • expression · the look on someone’s face, showing what they feel or think  • gallery · a room or building which is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold  • gesture · a movement of the hands, arms or head, etc. to express an idea or feeling  • guest of honor · the most important person at a social occasion  • guide · a person whose job is showing a place or a particular route to visitors  • hike · a long walk, especially in the countryside  • historic site · a place that is important in history  • spring · a place where water naturally flows out from the ground lottery · a game, often organized by the state or a charity in order to make money, in which numbered tickets are sold to people who then have a chance of winning a prize if their number is chosen  • luxurious · very comfortable and expensive  • museum · a building where objects of historical, scientific or artistic interest are kept  • picnic · an occasion when you take a meal with you to eat outside in an informal way, or the food itself  • remote · describes an area, house or village that is a long way from any towns or cities  • resort · a place where many people go for rest, sport or another stated purpose  • spa · a town where water comes out of the ground and people come to drink it or lie in it because they think it will improve their health  • specialty · a product that is extremely good in a particular place  • steer · to take someone or something, or cause them to go, in the direction in which you want them to go  • tense · nervous and anxious and unable to relax  • well-being · the state of feeling healthy and happy  • wilderness · an area of land that has not been cultivated or had towns and roads built on it, especially because it is difficult to live in as a result of its extremely cold or hot weather or bad earth  • wildlife · animals and plants that grow independently of people, usually in natural conditions

01 If you were planning a dinner party, which of these people would you most want to invite?

A A famous explorer.

B A famous writer.

C A famous chef.

D A famous well-being expert.

E A famous athlete.

Why did you make the choice you did? Can you think of a specific person you would want to invite as your guest of honor? Have you ever hosted a party? If you have, describe it. Do you enjoy going to parties? What type of party do you most enjoy?

02 Which of these activities sounds most appealing to you?

A Hiking in a forest and swimming in a remote lake.

B Visiting historic sites and museums.

C Riding a cruise ship while enjoying its luxurious spa.

D Enjoying a picnic lunch with your family and friends in the mountains.

E Riding around a wildlife area and spotting wild animals.

Why did you make the choice you did? How often do you go hiking and where do you usually go? What historic sites and museums in Taiwan do you think are most worth visiting? Have you ever taken a cruise? What is a good place for a picnic and what kind of lunch do you think is good for a picnic? Have you done the activity described in E? If so, what where and what was it like?

03 Which of these outdoor vacations most appeals to you?

A Camping in the wilderness.

B Hiking in hills with many historic sites.

C Visiting a luxurious hot spring resort.

D Traveling alone through the countryside meeting people.

E Going deep-sea fishing.

Have you ever had a vacation like one of those listed? If so, describe the experience. How many times have you gone camping, and where did you do it? How often to you go to hot springs? Have you ever gone fishing? Which of the five vacations listed seems least appealing to you?

04 If you suddenly had an unexpected day off from work or classes, which of these would be closest to your “dream day”?

A Riding your bike all over your city, trying to find at least one new interesting place each hour. 

B Spending the day at your favorite museum and then going to a little bookstore for a reading by a famous poet. 

C Some fun shopping, followed by a bath in a hot spring, and then a long, delicious five-course French dinner. 

D A whole day of yoga classes, then with a healthy dinner for two with your beloved. 

E Spending the morning in bed and the afternoon laying in the sun, followed by cocktails at sunset and bowling in the evening.

Have you actually spent a day off the way you chose? Which of the activities listed have you actually done? Think back to the last time you had no work or study to do—how did you spend the day? Which of the ways to spend a day that are listed do you find least appealing?

05 If you found $100 and couldn’t return it to the owner, how would you spend it?

A Spend it all on lottery tickets to try to get even more money.

B Buy tickets for the best seats at a concert by a famous musical group.

C Spend it on a fancy meal.

D Put it in the bank.

E Buy some snacks and drinks and have a party for your best friends.

Why did you make the choice you did? Have you ever found a large amount of money? If so, what did you do with it? If not, what would you do if you did? If you had to spend the money on a fancy meal, where would you probably go and what kind of food would you have?

06 Which of these ways of spending an evening sounds most pleasant to you?

A Go for a long drive along the seacoast and stop for drinks at an out-of-the-way coffee shop or bar.

B See a play and then go dancing to live music.

C Shop at expensive stores.

D Have an out-of-town friend to your house for dinner and sitting around afterward chatting.

E Hike up to a hilltop outside of town to enjoy night views of the city.

Where would you go if you were to do A? Have you ever seen a play? Have you ever gone dancing? Where do you most enjoy shopping? What is a good place to enjoy a night view of Taipei? How do usually spend your evenings?

07 What would you order on your first visit to a new restaurant?

A Anything that looked unfamiliar and exotic.

B The specialty of the house.

C Whatever the chef recommended.

D A dish that you loved as a child.

E Something simple and fun to eat with your hands.

What are some examples of dishes that you loved as a child? Do you still often eat these dishes? Do you still like them? What was the last new restaurant you visited? What did you order? In which of the categories listed did it belong? What restaurant is probably your favorite? What is the most exotic dish served there? What is the specialty of the house?

08 If a stranger began a conversation with you on the bus, what would most likely happen?

A You would steer the conversation to your favorite sport and see if this person might be a good playing partner for the coming weekend.

B Your would ask if the person had read anything interesting, and decide whether to talk further depending on the answer.

C You would stay quiet, or at least try to end the conversation as soon as possible.

D You would end up sharing your thoughts about “deep” topics until the bus came to your stop.

E You would use the situation to chat freely about your favorite hobby.

Do strangers often start up conversations with you? Can you think of an especially memorable conversation that you had with a stranger? Have you ever started up a conversation with a stranger? If so, why did you do it? Describe the experience. Would you be more likely to start up a conversation with a foreigner than someone Taiwanese? What type of person would you be most likely to start a conversation with?

09 If you had just moved to a new city, how would spend your first days there?

A Exploring all over your new city.

B Checking out some of the bookstores, movie houses, theaters, and galleries.

C Joining a local club to get started making new friends.

D Calling family and friends in the city where you used to live.

E Checking out the local sporting areas, such as golf course, tennis courts, and so on.

When did you move to the city (or part of the city) where you now live? How well do you think you know the city? How did you spend your first days there? What places have you lived in? Which was your favorite, and why? Which was your least favorite, and why? Where would you like to live in the future? Why?

10 How difficult is it for you to communicate with people who don’t speak your language?

A Language is never a problem, because you have all kinds of facial expressions and hand gestures to make yourself understood.

B You speak many languages, so communication never seems to be a problem.

C Everyone should speak your language, so you don’t really want to bother learning to speak a foreign language.

D Who needs language? You connect with people in a much deeper way.

E You always learn a few foreign phrases when you travel abroad, because you don’t want anything getting in the way of having a good time.

What foreign languages have you learned? Which do you speak best? Which is your favorite? Have you ever traveled to a foreign country? If so, did you have trouble communicating with the people there? Have you ever met any foreigners traveling in Taiwan? If so, describe the experience.

11 How do you feel about knowing facts about a place you’re visiting?

A You don’t need or want to know anything about a place before you visit. You think it’s more important just to see and feel how it is and don’t really care about its history or other details.

B You try to find out as much as possible about the place before you visit.

C You would pay for a guide to explain interesting facts about the place.

D You would just do whatever other people you were traveling were doing.

E You don’t think it’s really worth the effort to learn about different places.

What place that you have visited most impressed you? Why? Have you ever been a guide for someone else? If so, where did you take this person, and why? What famous place do you know the most about?

12 How do you feel being by yourself in a place you’ve never been?

A You would feel excited by the possibility of adventure. In fact, you often get into trouble when you’re traveling alone, but often come back with great stories.

B You would be happy to be by yourself because it would let you see and do what you wanted.

C You would feel comfortable only if you could stay in fancy hotels and eat in expensive restaurants so you could be in a familiar, comfortable environment

D You would feel tense or lonely.

E You wouldn’t mind, but would go crowded events or places so that you’d be surrounded by people.

What is your best travel story? Do you tend to travel alone or with other people? Where did you go the last time you traveled? In which of the categories listed did it belong? Describe the experience. Where do you plan to go when you next travel? Why?

What is Your Travel Personality?

TO FIND YOUR RESULT: Add up the total number of A, B, C, D, E answers. The answer you gave most often corresponds to the type given below:

A = You Are an Adventurous Traveler 

You enjoy new challenges and experiences when you travel. You appreciate off-the-beaten-track destinations and unusual activities. You also like outdoor and sports-oriented activities such as safaris, scuba, sailing, biking, and hiking. 

For you, travel is an opportunity to get outside, play hard, and escape your everyday life. 

B = You Are a Cultural Traveler 

You enjoy stays in cities and world capitals–visiting museums, taking history tours, and seeing major attractions. You also appreciate local or regional holidays and festivals, speaking foreign languages, shopping for local handicrafts, and meeting local people. 

For you, travel is an opportunity to discover more about the world and its different cultures. 

C = You Are a Pampered Traveler 

You appreciate comfort and luxury. Fancy resorts, glamorous cruises, private yacht charters, upscale tours, spas with skilled masseuses, villas with white-gloved butlers–all these were invented just for you. 

For you, travel is the ideal occasion for experiencing the finer things in life. 

D = You Are a Quality-Time Traveler 

You enjoy vacations that afford plenty of time with special people, such as family vacations, taking your kids to visit grandparents, and couples getaways to revive romance. You also like trips that have a self-help component, such as relationship workshops, yoga retreats, and religious or spiritual pilgrimages. 

For you, travel is an opportunity to enhance facets of yourself or your relationships. 

E = You Are a Rest-and-Recreation Traveler 

You appreciate vacations that focus on relaxation–beaches, mountain retreats, secluded islands, places that let you get away from it all. You also look for vacations that include recreational activities such as playing golf or tennis, swimming, fishing, reading, and other hobbies. 

For you, travel presents just the right opportunity for hanging out and having fun–the two things you never have enough time to do at home.


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