USC speech

December 5, 2007

Speech check list

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POSTURE: How is the speaker standing or sitting? What kind of attitude does it convey?

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: Did the speaker smile before she spoke? What kind of a smile was it? What kind of facial expressions did the speaker use during her speech? What did they convey to you about the speech, or the speaker?

BODY MOVEMENTS AND GESTURES: What kind of gestures did the speaker use? What kind of story do you think she was telling-for example, happy, funny, frightening? When not gesturing, what did the speaker do with her hands? Did she show any nervous tics?

SPEAKING VOLUME: How loudly did the speaker talk? Was it loud enough, too loud, or not loud enough?

VOCAL FILLERS: What vocal fillers did the speaker use, and how often did she use them?

TONE OF VOICE: Did the speaker show confidence and calm through their voice? Did she say anything that showed nervousness or a lack of confidence? Did the speaker use her voice to make her speech more lively and emotive? If not, what improvements would you suggest?


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