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February 19, 2008

Winter break & new year

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active : busy with or ready to perform a particular activity  • amount : a collection or mass especially of something which cannot be counted  • club : a place which is open late into the night, where people can go to drink and dance and often see some type of entertainment  •  diet : the food and drink usually taken by a person or group  •  dye : to change the color of something using a special liquid  • fix up : to arrange a meeting, date, event, etc  • gain : to increase in weight, speed, height or amount  • hang out : to spend a lot of time in a place or with someone  • joy : great happiness  • perm your hair : makes your hair wavy or curly using a special chemical process  •  school term : one of the periods into which a year is divided at school, college or university  • social life : that part of your life relating to activities in which you meet and spend time with other people and which happen during the time when you are not working:  • substantial : large in size, value or importance  • topping : a substance, especially a sauce, cream or pieces of food, which is put on top of other food to give extra flavor and to make it look attractive  • upset stomach : slight illness or discomfort of the stomach

01 I spent a substantial amount of time studying or practicing English during the break.

02 I started and finished reading a book during the break.

How much time did you spend studying or practicing your English during the break? How did you study or practice it? How many opportunities did you have to speak in English? • How much time did you spend reading during the break? About what subjects are you most interested in reading? What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

03 I traveled abroad during the break.

04 I saw the ocean during the break.

Where did you travel during the break? What was the most beautiful sight or enjoyable activity you experienced the last time you traveled anywhere? • When was the last time you saw the ocean? Can you recommend any place where the view of the ocean is especially beautiful? Do you prefer the ocean or the mountains?

05 I had dates with more than one person during the break.

06 I went to a KTV during the break.

Where did you go on the last date you had? How did the date go? Have you ever had an especially memorable date? • How often do you go to KTVs? What songs are your favorites to sing? Which ones can you sing best? Have you ever had an unusual experience in a KTV?

07 I gained weight during the break.

08 I ate pizza during the break.

How much weight did you gain or lose during the break? Do you plan to try and lose again or gain back this weight? • How often do you eat pizza? Whose pizza do you eat most often? What are favorite toppings to have on a pizza?

09 I cried during the break.

10 I got sick during the break.

If you cried, why did you ? Have you ever cried out of any emotions other than sadness–for example, anger or joy? How easily do you cry because you are moved by a story or movie? • If you did get sick, what happened? About how often do you get sick? Is there a certain kind of illness that you suffer often–for example, colds or an upset stomach?

11 I went to a café during the break.

12 I went to a club or bar during the break.

How often do you go to a café or teahouse? Which is your favorite? What do you generally drink when you go? What do you do there besides drinking coffee or tea there? Is there any other type of place that you like to hang out at? • How often do you go to a club? Which club in Taipei do you think is best? How often do you go to a bar? What do you usually drink when you go a bar?

13 I plan to study harder this term than last.

14 I plan to study something seriously outside of school this term.

What course do you think will probably be toughest this term? Which do you think will probably be the easiest? Which are you most interested in? How about least interested in? • What things are you learning, or planning to learn, outside of school? What subjects do you plan to study seriously sometime in the future?

15 I plan to change jobs this year.

16 I plan to improve my work performance this year.

How long have you been at your current job? How satisfied are you with your job? What complaints do you have about it? When do you think you might next change jobs? What kind of job would you like to have if you changed? • How good do you think you are at your job? In what areas could you improve?

17 I plan to dye or perm my hair this year.

18 I plan to change hairstylists this year.

Where did you last get your hair done? How did you come to have your current hairstyle? Where do you get ideas for your hairstyle? How long does it take you to fix up your hair in the morning? How might you next change your hairstyle? What is the most unusual hairstyle you have ever had?

19 I plan to exercise more this year.

20 I plan to eat healthier this year.

How much, and what kind, of exercise do you get? If you plan to exercise more, what kind of exercise are you planning to do? Do you, or have you ever, exercise at a gym or health club? • How healthy do you think your diet is? What unhealthy eating habits do you have? What do you think is probably the healthiest diet for you?

21 I plan to buy a motorbike or car this year.

22 I plan to move this year.

What motorbike or car do you own now? What kind do you plan to buy? If you could have any motorbike or car in the world, which would you choose and why? • How long have you lived in your current home? What do you think of living there? If you’re planning to move, where to? What do you think is probably the place in the world best for you to live in?

23 I plan to have a more active social life this year than last.

24 I plan to quit doing something this year.

Would you say that you currently have a very active social life? Do you tend to have many friends or a few very close friends? Who do you consider to be your best friend? • What do you consider to be your worst habit? What are you doing to change this habit?

WARM-UP QUESTIONS : How was your break? What was the most worthwhile thing you did? What plans do you have for this semester?


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