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April 13, 2008

How honest are you…really?

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advertisement : a picture, short film, song, etc. which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service  • affair : a sexual relationship, especially a secret one  • bank passbook : a small book that is used to officially record how much money is in a customer’s bank account  • cashier : a person whose job is to receive and pay out money in a shop, bank, restaurant, etc  • catch someone red-handed : to discover someone while they are in the act of doing something bad or illegal  • check out : to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key  • colleague : one of a group of people who work together  • crime : an illegal act  • deposit : to pay someone a sum of money when you make an agreement with them to pay for or buy something, which either will be returned to you later, if the agreed arrangement is kept, or which forms part of the total payment  • drivers license : official permission for someone to drive a car, received after passing a driving test, or a document showing this  • extra : additional  • make a difference : change a given situation  • qualified : having finished a training course, or having particular skills, etc  • report : to make a complaint to a person in authority about something or someone  • résumé : a short statement of the important details of something  • shoplift : to illegally takes goods from a shop without paying for them  • skill : an ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have practiced it  • sneak a peek : to look at something for a short time while trying to avoid being seen  • speed : to be driving faster than you are legally allowed to do  • spouse : a person’s husband or wife  • steal : to take something without the permission or knowledge of the owner and keep it  • take a day off : to spend a day away from work at your own request  • valuable : worth a lot of money  • wallet : a small folding case for carrying paper money, credit cards and other flat objects, used especially by men





01 You are buying something at a store. The cashier gives you back too much change. Do you give back the extra?


Does it make any difference how much extra the cashier gives you? Have you ever gotten back too much change for something that you bought? What happened and what did you do?





02 You are walking along the street and find a wallet with NT$10,000 inside, along with the address and phone number of the owner. Do you return everything?


Have you ever found a lot of money? What did you do? Have you ever lost money or anything valuable? Were you able to get it back?





03 You are shopping at a department store when you see someone trying to shoplift. Do you report it?


If you wouldn’t report it, why not? If you would probably report it, are there any crimes that you would probably not report? If you probably do not report it, are there any crimes that you would report? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever had anything of yours stolen?





04 You are having dinner in a romantic restaurant. You see the spouse of a good friend come in with an attractive stranger of the opposite sex. Do you tell your friend?


If you would tell your friend, would you call right then so your friend could come and catch his or her spouse red-handed? Would your answer be different if you only saw the friend’s spouse and the stranger at a fast food restaurant? How about if you saw them going into a hotel together? If your own spouse were having an affair, would you want to know about it?


05 You are driving late at night. You are speeding, and run a stop sign when you crash into another car. Because you were in two other traffic accidents recently, this accident may cause you to lose your driver’s license. Do you lie to the police about the reason for the accident to make it seem that it was not your fault?


If you would lie, how might you explain the accident? Would you blame the other driver? If you wouldnt lie, why not? Do you have a driver’s license? How good a driver are you? Have you ever been in a traffic accident?





06 You are looking for a job, and you find one that you are interested in. Unfortunately, you dont have all the skills that the company lists as needed for the job. Do you change your résumé to make yourself look qualified if you think it will be easy to learn the skills that you dont have?


What skills are needed to do your job now well? If you were asked to describe how good your English were in your résumé, what would you write? How qualified are you for your job now? What other jobs do you believe that you are qualified to do?





07 You are going back to your office after buying a snack for yourself and a colleague from a truck that stops in front of your office building in the afternoon. But then you drop one. The snack truck has already left. Do you eat the snack and tell your colleague that you were too late to buy any snacks?


If so, what would you say if the colleague said she saw what happened? If not, what would you do if your colleague were the one who bought the snacks and you caught her lying? Do you have any favorite snacks that you can buy near your place of work or your home? Will you bring Max this snack next class? (Please be careful not to drop it!)





08 You are walking past the desk of a colleague who is taking a day off. You discover that he left his bank passbook on his desk. Do you sneak a peek?


Do you know how much money anybody has in their bank account? How did you find out? If a colleague looked in your own bank passbook, how would you feel? Which banks do you use? Why? Have you saved very much money? Overall, how good do you think you are with money?





09 You are staying at a nice hotel. The towels are very attractive. Do you take one when you check out?


If the towel is marked with the hotel’s name, will you use the towel when guests are at your home? Have you ever taken things like towels from a hotel? What was the nicest hotel that you have ever stayed in?


10 You are trying to sell your car. Someone sees your advertisement and says she is willing to buy your car for the NT$100,000 you advertised. She gives you a NT$10,000 deposit, and you both agree that she will pay the rest of the money the next week when you deliver the car to her. The next day though, somebody else calls and offers NT$120,000 for the car. Do you tell the first person that you’ve changed your mind about the selling the car to her for NT$100,000?


If you would change your mind, how would you probably explain to the first person why you no longer wanted to sell him the car? If you could avoid returning the NT$10,000 deposit without too much trouble, would you? Would it make any difference if the first person were a man instead of a woman? Have you ever sold any of your personal belongings? Do you have anything now that you would like to sell?





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