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June 10, 2008

Classic psychological test

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Have you been to Japan? What about Japan do you think is good or worth learning? What about Japan is bad? Have you ever had any Japanese friends, or interacted with Japanese at work? What is your impression of them?





admire : to respect and approve of someone or their behavior, or to find someone or something attractive and pleasant to look at:  • attitude : a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving that is caused by this  • behave : to act in a particular way, or to be good by acting in a way which has society’s approval  • complain : to say that something is wrong or not satisfactory  • contemptuous : a strong feeling of combined dislike and lack of respect  • conventional : traditional and ordinary  • counselor : someone who is trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems  • cuddle : to put your arms around someone and hold them in a loving way, or (of two people) to hold each other close for affection or comfort  • disgusting : extremely unpleasant or unacceptable  • engineer : a person whose job is to design or build machines, engines or electrical equipment, or things such as roads, railways or bridges, using scientific principles  • exceptional : much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality, etc  • forgive : to stop blaming or being angry with someone for something they have done, or not punish them for something  • greedy : wanting a lot more food, money, etc. than you need  • hedonism : living and behaving in ways that mean you get as much pleasure out of life as possible, according to the belief that the most important thing in life is to enjoy yourself  • indicate : to show, point or make clear in another way  • intuition : (knowledge obtained from) an ability to understand or know something immediately without needing to think about it, learn it or discover it by using reason  • materialism : the belief that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life  • mind-blowing : extremely impressive or surprising  • normal : ordinary or usual; the same as would be expected  • obsessed : unable to stop thinking about something; too interested in or worried about something  • outrageous : describes something or someone that is shocking because they are unusual or strange  • passionate : having very strong feelings or emotions  • pleasure : enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction, or something that gives this  • rank : to have a position higher or lower than others, or to be considered to have such a position  • rationalism : the belief or principle that actions and opinions should be based on reason rather than on emotion or religion  • reason : the ability of a healthy mind to think and make judgments, especially based on practical facts  • sex-starved : having not had enough sex recently  • trivial : having little value or importance  • typical : showing all the characteristics that you would usually expect from a particular group of things  • values : the beliefs people have about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, which control their behavior  • wealth : a large amount of money or valuable possessions that someone has 





1A · Lynn, a woman : You love your boyfriend Carl very very very VERY VERY MUCH!!! You want to see HIM so so SO SO BADLY!! If you don’t see him soon, you’ll DIE!! You will do anything for HIM! Oh, Carl! Your darling Carl! Oh, how you LOVE HIM!! You want to see Carl, but there is no way to get across the river except by boat. You will have to ask the owner of the boat, Mark, to take you across the river. You have no money, but you are sure he will understand how MUCH you want to see Carl and so take you across the river without asking for money.





1B · Mark, a boat owner : You have a boat which can take people across the river, but you will not take anyone across the river unless you are paid money. And of course, you want money NOW, not later. You don’t believe people who say they will pay later. If a person cannot pay, you always ask for their clothes (ALL their clothes) so you can sell their clothes and make MONEY. Ooh, money money money!





DISCUSSION 1 : Have you ever been as in love with someone as Lynn appears to be? If you were in Lynn’s position, what do you think you would do? If you were in Mark’s position, what would you do?

2A · Lynn : After you talk to Mark, you want to ask Rick the engineer for help in getting you across the river. You really need his help! He’s very smart and should be able to help you get across the river to see your wonderful Carl!





2B · Rick, the engineer : You are working to make a radio you can try and get someone to save everyone, including yourself. You are too busy to trying to build the radio to do anything else. First, you must finish the radio!





3A · Lynn : You don’t know what to do. Rick the engineer won’t help you, and Mark will only take you across the river if you take off all your clothes and give them to him. You really need some advice from Pete the counselor badly! Go to him, tell him your problem, and ask for his advice!





3B · Pete, the counselor : You have been a counselor for many years, and you have heard so many people complain about their stupid problems that you are just not interested anymore. You especially hate it when people come to you with their trivial problems while you are reading your funny comic books. You love your comic books. Why can’t people leave you alone so you can enjoy your comic books?





DISCUSSION 2/3 : From her behavior so far, can you be sure that Lynn really loves Carl? Why or why not? Have you ever been as passionate about someone or something as Lynn seems to be about Carl? Would you like your lover to be as passionate about you as she is about Carl?





4A · Lynn, the woman : After crossing the river, you still don’t know exactly where your wonderful Carl is. Luckily, you see a house. Maybe the people living there know where Carl is! You want to hurry and go ask. Oh, you want to see Carl SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSO BAAADDDDLLYY!!!!! Without any clothes on, you just hope that it’s a woman who answers the door…





4B · Sam, an island resident : You have been on this island for 10 years, and you haven’t seen a woman in all that time. You used to  get VERY excited whenever there was a woman near you, especially a beautiful one, without any clothes on. Like the woman you just saw by the river with no clothes on! Wow! Oh she was so so so SO SO SOSOSOSO sexy!!! You’re getting so eXciTeD!!!! She’s probably looking for that guy you met earlier today. You know where he is, but you won’t tell her…unless she…you know, you know… Yes, unless she has SEX with you!!!





DISCUSSION 4 : How would you react if someone of the opposite sex who was extremely attractive appeared totally naked at your door? Do you think Sam is just a typical man? Have you ever met someone as sex-starved as Sam? Are you, or have you ever been in the past, as sex-crazed as Sam?

5A · Lynn : Finally, you can see Carl!!! You did some terrible things — took off all your clothes in front of greedy Mark and had sex with that disgusting Sam — but now you forget about everything except Carl. You’re SOSOSOSOSOSO HAPPY!!! Oh, Carl!  You want to hug him and kiss him and marry him and have his children and do anything and everything for him and live happily with him forever and ever! Your WONDERFUL lover Carl! Tell him–you can’t live without him, so you want to get married right away!





5B · Carl, Lynn’s boyfriend : You never knew Lynn was so disgusting! You saw EVERYTHING that happened to Lynn. She let everybody see her WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES ON! She went into that man’s house and MUST have had sex with him! You cannot forgive her–NO NO NO, NEVER! You don’t want to see Lynn ever again! A disgusting woman! You don’t know why you loved her before! She’s a terrible, awful, horrible, BAD woman! 





DISCUSSION 5 : Could you forgive a lover who did what Lynn did, for the same reasons that she did? Do you think most men would react the same way that Carl did? How would most women react in the same situation?





RESULTS DISCUSSION : Do you think the result of the test is accurate? If you could, without the aid of the test, rank convention, love, money, pleasure, rationality, and sex according to how important they are to you, in what order what you put them? Do you think the way you rank them now is different from how you might have ranked them in the past — say, ten years ago? Do you think your values closely match those of your significant other?





CONVENTION : How conventional a person are you? Would you rather be described as “normal” or “unusual”? Why? About which of the other areas on which this test focuses — love, money, pleasure, rationality, sex — are your attitudes most conventional? About which are they least conventional? What is your attitude towards people who are highly unconventional–admiring, contemptuous, or something else? Which of your family members or friends is most unconventional? Do you think that you yourself should try to be more unconventional? Why or why not? Do you think it is important for social stability that most people’s attitudes and behaviors remain conventional?





LOVE : How important do you think love is for you? Do you think you could be happy without love? What sort of love is most important to you — for example, parental love, romantic love, or friendship? Is it more important for you that there be someone whom you love, or that someone love you? Can you explain your preference? When would you say that you first fell in love? Do you expect to fall in love again in the future?





MONEY : How would you describe your attitude toward money? How important is having a great deal of money to you? Do you think someone’s wealth is a good indicator of how successful they are? Why or why not? If you don’t think wealth is a good indicator, what do you consider to be a better one? Do you think you have enough money to live the kind of lifestyle that you are completely satisfied with? Even if you don’t consider yourself to be obsessed with money, do you consider yourself materialistic?





PLEASURE : Would you describe yourself as a hedonist? What are some of your daily tasks that give you much pleasure? What sort of pleasures do you value most — for example, intellectual, sensual, or emotional? Do you think you get enough pleasure from your life?





REASON : How rational do you consider yourself to be? When you have to make a difficult decision, does your final decision usually rely on reason or intuition? Do you often behave irrationally? If so, does this bother you? Are there some areas of your life about which you are much more rational than in others? If so, what are they? What are the areas about which you are least rational?





SEX : How important is sex for you?  Do you think that sex is something you are still learning about? How satisfied are you with your sex life? Have you ever had an especially mind-blowing, outrageous, or otherwise exceptional sexual experience that you would be willing to describe? One poll of married American women showed that about three-quarters would be satisfied with just hugging, kissing, and cuddling with their spouses—would you?




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