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June 16, 2008

Extra-credit assignment (updated)

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UPDATE: I really hope everyone will turn in a question. We’ll use your questions on the last day of class, and it would be much more fun if everybody provides their own questions (because they will be more interesting than the questions I can think up about you). ALSO, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE CORRECT ANSWER IS WHEN YOU SEND THE QUESTION (I’ve added this requirement as #5 in the list below).




To get an extra 2 points added to your final course grade, you can do this assignment. 


What you need to do is write one question about yourself. Your question should…

1 be one that nobody in the class knows the answer to.

2 have 3 or 4 answer choices.

3 offer some basis for guessing correctly (in other words, it shouldn’t be a question like “what is my birthday?” that only allows random guesses).

4 be as interesting or funny as possible (I know this might be difficult…).

5 include the correct answer.



To give you some ideas, here are examples of interesting questions that students (names changed) in the past have given me:


How many thongs does Alice own?

A One very, very, very special pair.

B Around ten.

C Twenty-odd.

D Enough to open her own EasyShop.


Which of these places would Bob most likely choose for a first date?

A A bar with live music.

B A fancy restaurant.

C A dance club.

D A quiet café.


If Charlie could have any job in the world, which would he choose?

A Househusband.

B Japanese AV star.

C Pilot.

D President.


What does Debby worry about most when she speaks English?

A Her pronunciation.

B How her hair looks.

C Whether her grammar is correct.

D Whether she is using the correct vocabulary.


How many boyfriends has Elaine had?

A 2.

B 5.

C 11.

D About 20.


Which classmate does Faye think is most handsome?

A Alex.

B Gary.

C Jack.

D Oh, come on! Of course she only has eyes for Max!


If it were raining and Gus saw a beautiful girl without an umbrella,what would he probably do?

A Share his umbrella with her.

B Give her his umbrella and go without one.

C Ignore her.



How many wives does Henry think is ideal for him?

A None.

B One.

C Two.

D As many as possible.


To get the extra credit, you must turn in a question that fulfills all 4 requirements above by JUNE 10 (so you might want to send your first try at a question earlier, in case I need you to revise it). E-mail your question to me at


Even if you don’t care about the extra credit, I still strongly encourage you to write a question. I will use your questions for our last-day activity, which will be much more fun if everybody turns in a question (which will naturally be more interesting than anything I can write for you).





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